Next Defenders’ Days in 2018

Defenders’ Days – Empowering Human Rights Defenders at Risk is a conference organised by Civil Rights Defenders. To the conference, we welcome human rights defenders from all over the world to Stockholm where they take part in an extensive capacity building programme.

Each year in April, we invite the public to join us at the award ceremony where we hand out the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award to one prominent human rights defenders. At the ceremony, we celebrate the work and achievements of a brave human rights defender who continues to strive to ensure other people’s human rights.

The next conference and award ceremony will be organised in April 2018.


Людмила Кондратенко @ludmilaks

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia thanks to the human rights organization for the support of a lawyer who und…


Cosplayer World @CosplayerWorld

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia This guy is sack of shit and the fact that you are supporting him tells us…


Eduardas @Eduarda09537754

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Would be interested to know who pays your organisation bills? Maybe some NGO linked to CIA?))


Квадрокоптер Путина @DimaTheresMoney

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Are you exactly human rights activists?


Mazepa Anathema @MazepaAnathema

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Sensational scandal. The civil rights organization protects one charlatan !…


vitaly @nazar79

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia ha-ha! mark Feygin didn`t win any court hearing))) once time, his client sh…


Фома @atjasov

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia When he is deprived by the lawyer's ranks? Some clown.


Mazepa Anathema @MazepaAnathema

RT @kucerub: @crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Який же це адвокат? Це звичайний балабол, пустобрех і псевдоюрист, символ поразки і не…


Mazepa Anathema @MazepaAnathema

RT @GInko25153542: @crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Feygen accused a famous blogger of pedophilia and lost court case. Feygen tried…


anastasia @aakorets

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Defending someone who’s only notorious for his lies and hearsay? Way to go,…


Denys Fedoryshchenko @nuclearleb

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia This "lawyer" is known person with very bad reputation, he is involved by h…


tulburel @tulburell

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia This so-called lawyer is the only harasser in this case


Galla Anmadi @GallaAnmadi

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Mark Feygin is a shame for all lawyers. he's a liar and a boor. First, find…


sysoev @sysoev7

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Mike @iPanels

@crdefenders @JusticeInter @CRD_Eurasia Beware of this scammer, he trying to save his firing ass with your support! #scam #scamlaw #ovcebyk