Defenders’ Days – Empowering Human Rights Defenders at Risk

Defenders’ Days is a capacity building conference with and for human rights defenders and their closest allies. The conference takes place in Stockholm and was first organised in 2013.

The aim with Defenders’ Days is to:
•  strengthen the capacities and protection of human rights defenders
•  support cooperation, networking and exchange of knowledge among human right defenders
•  strengthen the recognition of human rights defenders and highlight the situation of human rights defenders at risk

At the conference, the participants take part of an extensive capacity building programme with interactive and practical oriented trainings and workshops as well as joint sessions with a mix of presentations on security measures, advocacy, communication as well as innovative, inspirational and forward-looking topics with leading experts in their respective field.

Civil Rights Defenders ambition is to make sure that the participating human rights defenders leave Defenders’ Days with enhanced knowledge in relevant topics as well as a feeling of strong moral support from the international community.

The conference consists of two parts; a closed and open session. The closed part of the conference is for invited human rights defenders at risk and relevant stakeholders, while the open session is for the public. The open session is aimed at increasing knowledge regarding the situation human rights defenders face on a daily basis to a broader audience.

During the open session, Civil Rights Defenders hands out the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award to a prominent human rights defender who, despite risks to her or his safety, continues to strive to ensure that other people’s civil and political rights are recognised and protected. Through international recognition and support to the organisations represented by the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award recipient, the award enhances long-term human rights work.

Should you have questions about Defenders’ Days, please direct them to Civil Rights Defenders.