“I Use the Camera to Capture Activities and Make Videos to Expose the Truth”

Case_ Pen_Borey

Pen Borey from Cambodia is one of the human rights defenders participating in Defenders’ Days 2015. He works for LICADHO Canada, which is based in Cambodia, as their Technical and Outreach Coordinator.

The organisation also closely collaborates with LICADHO (Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights) and alongside communities, unions and other grassroots groups on the front-lines of peace and justice movements.

Pen works extensively in matters pertaining to promotion and protection of human rights defenders, and provides various forms of support to communities peacefully resisting forced evictions including client and family care, security, facilitation of community workshops, and digital documentation.

Many communities in Cambodia are facing forced evictions. When the communities’ people go to protest Pen and his team use the camera to capture their activities and make videos to expose the truth.

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