Meet Ana – One of the Experts at Defenders’ Days 2016


At Defenders’ Days, we gather the world’s foremost human rights experts. Meet Ana Furtuna – one of this year’s trainers – and find the full list of experts here. Ana is a Programme Officer within the Eurasia Department at Civil Rights Defenders, Stockholm. She has dedicated more than eight years working with human rights focusing on equality and anti-discrimination among other things. We have had the pleasure of asking her a few questions.

Q: Ana, can you describe what you work with?

A: I started out in Moldova by lobbying a law on non-discrimination, which was far from easy but very satisfactory when it was adopted in 2012. Then I understood that I love challenges and moved to Sweden. Now we work in some of the most repressive regions in the world and together with our local partners we hold states accountable for their actions and demand that they respect human rights.

Q: How come you work with the things you do?

A: I consider myself to have the best job ever, because the key to success in each society is having respect for human rights and that is what we fight for everyday together with our partners and colleagues. I think that this job is the best combination of work and satisfaction both as a human and as a professional.

Q: What are your expectations of Defenders’ Days?

A: I think that an invitation to Defenders’ Days is the best award for each human rights activist because it offers a unique opportunity to escape from routine, to rest, to meet new people from all over the world and learn from their experiences. I hope all participants take the best of it and find the necessary ingredients to make their mission easier.

This year, Ana hosts a training session on Fights Against Discrimination together with Goran Miletic, Programme Director for the Western Balkans, focusing on theory and best practice in advocacy and lobbying.

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