Meet Robert – One of the Experts at Defenders’ Days 2016

FB_Card_RobCivil Rights Defenders has the pleasure to welcome the world’s foremost human rights experts to this year’s Defenders’ Days. One of them is Robert Godden, who is the director of campaigns and communications at Rights Exposure. This year he hosts two separate trainings on how to use images for impact in Human Rights Campaigns. We have asked Robert a few questions.

Q: Robert, can you describe what you work with?

A: I have worked on human rights in Asia with Amnesty International for 15 years and I gradually began to specialise in the issue of migration, which is huge in the region. I also began to realise that although research forms the evidential foundation of most campaigns it needs to reach the right audience and be persuasively packaged in order to maximise its impact. As such I have focused more and more on the role of communications in my work, especially visual media such as photography and film.

Q: How come you work with the things you do?

A: Ever since my late teenage years I have been concerned with the issue of social justice. After several years travelling and working abroad when I finished university it seemed a logical progression to pursue a career in human rights. My experience working on an array of different human rights problems in multiple countries has fuelled my interest in why attitudes and behaviours exist, and how they can be changed for the better and become normalised. A lot of my work still takes a direct advocacy approach but I am increasingly interested in the role of visual culture and art in social change.

Q: What are your expectations of Defenders’ Days?

A: I am very much looking forward to running the two workshops on visual storytelling for human rights. It is always great to be able to pass on my experience to others, but more than that I love the interaction and discussions that are generated when a diverse group of people come together to discuss these issues.

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